La cultura de Aetherius: una internacional importante Organización une Espiritual chicos & damas en una meta cósmica

El Breve Versión: En 1954, el Dr. George King recibió un correo electrónico de aún no conocido pidiéndole traer paz para todos y ampliar mans comprensión de la universo. Él creó una empresa sin fines de lucro} llamada La Aetherius Sociedad compartir de manera justa las enseñanzas de una inteligencia de otro mundo {y ayudar|que asisten|que ayudan a los individuos de mente abierta iniciar un viaje de despertar espiritual. Durante mucho tiempo, la cultura proporciona reunido bueno combustible de numerosos seguidores y amigos quién preocuparse significativamente perteneciente a poner algunos globo muy disfrutando lugar. Si esto humanitario meta habla hacia creencias, puede aprender cómo proporcionar la causa principal involucrándose en participar en un cercano capítulo en los estados unidos, el Reino Unido, Canadá, Continente australiano, Japón, Suecia, junto con otros naciones globalmente. Desde una vez a la semana oración clases hasta anual peregrinaciones, The Aetherius comunidad aprovecha un información y religioso energía eso es más allá de opinión.


Really love es en realidad un extraño fuerza en el universo. Ama enlaces personas, inspira actividades, y da que significa a millones de vida. Aunque nosotros puede que no siempre comprenderlo, el amor es vital de qué esto significa obtener hombre y exactamente lo que método para terminar siendo vivo. Richard Lawrence, el Secretario Ejecutivo para el Aetherius Sociedad para Europa, comparado me encanta líquido en solo uno de sus sermones: “de la misma manera vida como quizás la conozcas en el mundo no podría ocurrir sin líquido, nada cuando miras el mundo podría existir sin realmente amor. “

La cultura de Aetherius es en realidad una antigua espiritual negocio centrada en torno a religiosa comprensión y actos humanitarias. Personas en la Sociedad creen en mayor contactar para proporcionar humanidad recolectando y enviando bueno energía. En 1955, un visionario pilates agarrar llamado Dr. George King fundó el mundial religioso comunidad después de que el chico recibió comunicaciones de marketing y ventas telepáticas de un mayor. El tipo creía era en realidad su deber compartir de manera justa el existencia optimista información de compasión, paz, y amo.

En estos días, The Aetherius cultura características una existencia en Londres, L. A., y algunos metrópolis internacionalmente. Sus miembros con frecuencia se juntan para difundir amar y terapéutico combustible dentro de comunidades y en todo el mundo. Deberías creer atraído por esta meta sagrado, usted puede visitar una conferencia, asistir una peregrinación, o probar adicional recuperación tradiciones {del|para el|de este|asociado con el|de|asociado con|con respecto al|del|en el|con el|en la organización. Todos los demás, sin importar su único antecedentes o opiniones, es en realidad presentando disfrutar de The Aetherius cultura, mejorar su espiritual comprensión , y descubrir un aumento función en la vida diaria.

“Desde el empezar, todos nuestros principales principios podría solución para el mundo “, mencionó el reverendo Oscar E. León del Aetherius comunidad. “Estamos aquí mismo para intentar entregar la cantidad máxima de alto espiritual energía para todos una vez “.

Dr. George King basado el Religioso en 1955

En Will 1954, un mensaje encontré Dr. George King, quien había sido un maestro de yoga y un trance medio, como él estaba a student in their flat in London. A gentle, yet firm, vocals outside his human anatomy believed to him: “prepare! You are to be the sound of the Interplanetary Parliament.”

Today, George had never been aware of an interplanetary parliament, but the ethereal words left him stunned. The guy realized he hadn’t envisioned them, but he cannot fathom whatever they created. The guy spent with the rest of their existence endeavoring to comprehend the master plan established by that prophetic initial get in touch with. Although he cannot clarify precisely why, he stated he understood without a doubt which he was indeed contacted by an alien and powerful power to aid deliver humankind straight back through the edge of destruction.

By growing his spiritual understanding and forging telepathic channels, George heard several other emails through the extraterrestrial communicators, such as a Venusian Master known as Aetherius, that will be a Greek word definition tourist through the ether.

George formally started The Aetherius Society in 1955. Their purpose was to spread the lessons associated with alien gods and lead other people down a path of enlightenment and comfort. The company has since developed into an international motion encompassing a huge selection of souls aimed at residing and loving on a greater religious level.

You can read the amazing tale of Dr. George King’s life work here. As George themselves said, “i actually do not ask the unbeliever to trust at once, but just request which he is applicable what Aetherius says to his personal reason.”

Discover Healing & Purpose on Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

What connections members of The Aetherius Society collectively is actually a solid, heartfelt want to help others to make the world a significantly better place. Individuals from all walks of life, from Quakers to atheists, navigate toward Aetherius community. “the people result from variable backgrounds in accordance with different levels of spiritual growth,” Oscar stated, “but they all share the inner information or urge to-be of spiritual service to everyone.”

The entity in question makes it simple for newcomers to have involved by pleasant them to attend divine services or prayer traditions. All week-long, members can submerge themselves for the sermons, lectures, workshops, and religious undertakings associated with the Society. Possible look-up activities on the internet and discover the truth if your neighborhood part convenes. The educational and friendly atmosphere motivates gents and ladies to get involved in the visualizations, mantras, and prayers dedicated to fostering globe peace.

“It really is all extremely good,” Oscar informed all of us. “There is countless powerful prayers and traditions used to cleanse the spirit and heal the planet.”

Among Aetherius Society’s the majority of time-honored customs is the pilgrimages to holy mountains that contain large amounts of spiritual energy. The entity in question acknowledges 19 mountains faced with astounding spiritual significance. Since 1959, hundreds of members have traveled into the hills to charge and advance their particular spirits.

During times of crisis, the Society pulls because of these holy web sites to release good power to the world to counterbalance disasters, wartime dispute, governmental upheavals, alongside real catastrophes.

“Anybody of any degree of growth can go to the mountains and take part in a selfless act of service to make contact with the religious energies included within it,” Oscar informed united states. “The experience varies from one individual to another, however it is constantly very positive and uplifting. People of all faiths, or no specific faith, tend to be introducing join these pilgrimages.”

Open-Minded Individuals Offer Their Understanding & Support

From Ca to Australia, countless considerate people have come to be fans of this Aetherius culture and found typical surface with spiritual those who share comparable viewpoints. Occasionally the organization has actually even fostered dedicated passionate relationships.

Oscar told us the guy came across his partner at an Aetherius culture event. She was a pal of 1 of users and went to a surgical procedure electricity Prayer occasion because she was curious about the community. The woman authentic interest and great attitude caught Oscar’s attention. The guy told all of us the guy values the woman capacity to comprehend their beliefs and discuss their goals.

Now they can be gladly hitched and invested in the same cause of promoting peace globally. “She understands the necessity of offering mankind,” the guy mentioned. “the commitment has been indispensable to my personal spiritual development. This has been a blessing in so many techniques.”

Through Aetherius community, countless kind-hearted folks have located neighborhood and company. The entity in question reduces barriers between men and women and encourages connecting on an increased spiritual airplane.

“It’s very crucial at this time inside our record to take folks with each other and achieve beyond boundaries,” Oscar mentioned. “At the forefront of The Aetherius Society’s lessons is that we are one people, so we have to cooperate a lot more with each other.”

The Aetherius culture has Enlightenment Through Service

“prefer is actually an all-permeating energy, basically above brain,” Dr. George King once mentioned in a sermon. “It is the great fuel regarding the cosmos.”

Although George passed on in 1997, his vital information life in The Aetherius culture. The will accomplish great, express love, and unite humanity pushes the organization onward, and then a brand new generation of religious individuals have stepped up to lead the Society from inside the twenty-first century.

Through normal sermons, pilgrimages, and other holy endeavors, The Aetherius Society has furthered the religious journeys of countless individuals around the world. Anyone can relate genuinely to folks in this society in order to find value with its lessons of love, comfort, and recognition.

“its a cosmic goal, but it is ready to accept everybody,” Oscar informed us. “All of our users, website visitors, and sympathizers share a want to provide and help recover globally through a higher cosmic knowledge of the world.”

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