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You can also use Zoom backgrounds kind of like a greeting card, to send a message, or in a useful way like listing the agenda for your meeting. There are a lot of options for video chats- Skype, Google- even facebook has started offering Rooms to have video chats. My husband and I have had “virtual happy hours” and “catch up sessions” with friends. The kids have had classes, scout meetings, music lessons, birthday parties and hangouts. Like it or not, here we are–and Zoom is very much a part of our lives.

Sometimes, you will want to use the app to truly join the meeting with audio and video, but sometimes, you will use the app to just join by phone. A cool feature here is that you use the Zoom app to call your phone, which is super easy. If you don’t have the app installed, the meeting URL will launch your default browser and start the meeting there. If it’s the first time you’ve joined a meeting, you will be prompted to download the Zoom plug-in for the browser you are using. It’s pretty small, so the download is usually pretty fast. Due to the nature of video conferencing versus real life meetings, Zoom calls really work best when people talk one at a time – it’s the only way that everyone can listen clearly to what is being said.

  • On the right pane of the page, check the box next toEnable the remote control of all applications.
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  • While not directly related to the cost of the platform, video conferencing also saves companies time and money by removing the need to meet in person.

With the Disneyland Park backdrop, you have plenty of parks to choose from, including the Eiffel Tower and Pixar Pier, and Epcot’s Spaceship Earth. There will always be an occasion to celebrate and now you can shout it out with a popping celebration backdrop. It’s the most intriguing way to set the celebratory mood.

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To do so, you will need to upload the image to the Zoom app. You can also change a Virtual background while you are in a Zoom meeting. To do so, you must first already have Virtual Backgrounds enabled on your account.

Screen sharing with audio from your iPhone or Android is actually even easier. This process simultaneously shares your screen and computer audio along with the audio from your mic. You can also choose to mute yourself while screen sharing. The computer audio will continue playing, but the Zoom call participants won’t be able to hear you if you speak. Zoom allows you to share your desktop, tablet, document camera, or web camera.

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I have paid for the next version up because it does allow over the 40 minutes and an option to record meetings. Zoom meeting has good options, from scheduling a meeting, managing it, integrating with 3rd party vendor apps and calendar, and recording of the meeting. Gestures could also mean different things in a video meeting context. A sidelong glance to someone during an in-person meeting means something very different than a person on a video chat grid looking off-screen to their child who just walked into their home office. In-person and audio phone conversations allow humans to walk around and move. But with videoconferencing, most cameras have a set field of view, meaning a person has to generally stay in the same spot.

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